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  • Men and women who have distinguished themselves and gained prominence in amateur and/or professional athletics, who have brought positive recognition to themselves and Scott County Mississippi and to the State of Mississippi and who have been recommended by the Scott County Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee in accordance with the Scott County Sports Hall of Fame guidelines are eligible for permanent display in the Scott County Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Native Scott Countians who have attained success outside the county or state or natives of other counties or states who have chosen to reside, compete or be involved in Scott County athletics for at least two seasons at the high school level may be eligible.
  • Any person who has been retired from athletics for a minimum of five yearsand/or over the age of 50 may be eligible. The waiting period is automatically waived for the deceased. A person must have been out of school for a minimum of two years.
  • If nominated primarily as a coach, the nominee must have at least five seasons of paid coaching experience and retired from athletics for a minimum of five years and/or over the age of 50. The nominee must also have a verifiable career coaching record that includes more wins than losses.
  • Nominees may also include individuals who have not competed on the field, but who have made valuable contributions to athletics. This would include, but not limited to, officials, journalists, owners, athletic directors, association directors, sports information directors, trainers, physicians and cheerleaders.
  • If nominated as an athlete/participant, the individual must have received the recognition from a reputable evaluative body for their participation including, but not limited to: media, professional association and corporate recognition. This could include wire service All-Conference and All-American honors, Clarion-Ledger All-State designation. 
  • This also includes coaches All-District honors and the like.
  • Individual nominees will be considered automatically eligible if they have been members of a generally accepted All-American first teams, All-Pro or All-Star teams, or won a medal as a contributing member of an Olympic team or if they have set acknowledged world and/or American records; or if they have won major post-season awards including but not limited to the following: World Championships, Heisman Trophy, Wooden Award, Butkus Award, Wade Trophy, Naismith Award, Cy Young Award, Golden Spikes Award and the like.
  • The Hall of Fame acknowledges that even with detailed guidelines, deserving individuals who do not fall within the existing eligibility guidelines may be overlooked. In the decision of such a waiver, all members of the selection committee must approve the exception before the individual can be included in the nominating pool.​

Eligibility criteria

Nominations for the Scott County Sports Hall of Fame are welcome year around. However, the annual deadline is September 30 for nominees to be considered for the next class. Nominations received after September 30 will be held for consideration for the subsequent class.

Once a person is nominated and is confirmed eligible for consideration, their name will remain in the general nomination pool. Therefore, it is not necessary to submit a new nomination form each year for the same person unless their contact information has changed or the contact information for the person submitting the nomination has changed.

Nominations must be submitted on official forms for nominees to be considered by the selection committee. Nominations must include supporting information that can be verified for the committee to base its decision. Reliable contact information for the person submitting the nomination and the nominee must be included on the nomination form.

Failure to provide all requested information on nomination form will cause nomination to be null and void. All information must be in neat and legible condition. Unreadable nominations will not be considered.

A photograph of the nominee will be needed if at all possible. Photo must be at least 3 inches by 5 inches in size and WILL NOT be returned.


The selection committee reserves the right to reject any nomination form if rules are not followed or if nominee does not meet the eligibility requirements.

Nomination process