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Join Our Membership program

As a means of helping to support the Scott County Sports Hall of Fame and its mission, the general public is welcome to join our membership program for an annual fee of $25. Your membership entitles you to the following privileges and benefits:

  • A vote in the selection process for each year's class starting with the Class of 2016.
  • A subscription to the Hall of Fame newsletter.
  • Other benefits as they are added to the program.

In the voting process, the Hall of Fame selection committee will select inductees from the nomination pool. For an additional position of a class, a list of nominees will be submitted to the members to cast their vote and the winner will be among the inductees. No other vote will be allowed by members.

Membership fee will be due on September 30 annually and must be received by that date. Failure to submit payment in timely fashion will result in membership being suspended or dropped per decision of the selection committee.

Membership in the Hall of Fame does not grant any decision making powers on behalf of any member of the Hall of Fame. The selection committee is selected outside the parameters of the membership.

For more information about joining, fill out the form on this page and be sure to include contact information.